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An Observation….

While trying to track down pictures to use for celebrity fakes, I have seen thousands of images.

Without a doubt, one of my least favorite female poses is when the woman is pulling her vagina open as if it were some kind of gynecological exam.

Sorry, but that’s NOT sexy.

Please photographers, skip that pose for the ladies. Thanks.



Palinography.tumblr.com is one of my favorite tumblr blogs (of all time) but I just have to say something….

He keeps using the same faces from 2008!! 

The Sarah Palin faces are just too old now. He’s got to step into modern times.
I truly hate to be criticizing. I love his content but that’s a good page that should be sooo much better.

Sarah doesn’t look like that anymore. She’s aged a bit. She still looks HOT (if not even hotter) now but the same old headshots are killing those fake pictures.

How many times can you use the same pulled back hair picture? It loses authenticity. The thrill of Sarah in many different situations lessens greatly if it’s always the same face picture.

Please trust me, I love that page but I want it to be better. I don’t mean to criticize or be mean or anything like that. It’s just that Palinography has a chance to be a GREAT page instead of just a regular good one.